God Still Calls Us

God Still Calls Us

Do you know the story of Samuel? (Take a look in 1 Samuel 3:1-10 for a reminder.)

There was a boy named Samuel who God called to in the night. After realizing that it was God, Samuel responded by saying, “Here I am! Your servant is listening.”

God still calls people today. It probably won’t be a voice that we hear with our ears, but God finds other ways to get our attention.

Throughout my life I have tried to listen for God’s call.  Since Diana and I have been married we have tried to listen for God’s call on our life together.  Sometimes when faced with a decision, we are not sure what God is asking us to do or how we are to respond.  There have been times when we have made a choice and then wondered if we made the wrong one.  I struggle sometimes with knowing if God is really calling me or if it is just my own thoughts.  Other times I struggle with understanding what God is trying to say to me.

Do you ever have this experience? Are there times when you have wondered if God was calling you to do something but were unclear about what it was?

God is concerned about his creation, especially we humans. There is no aspect of our life that does not matter to God. God loves the world and every person is precious in his sight.

Not only is God concerned about his creation, he interacts with it. Our God is not withdrawn from his people but is involved with them.

God’s love and concern for his creation leads God to call people to help fulfill his purposes in the world.

What God wants to do in the world hasn’t changed:

  • inviting all of us to love
  • being patient and forgiving to all
  • helping and giving to those in need
  • working hard for peace
  • redeeming the world

Did you know God is calling you?

So, what does it mean to be “called?”

In John 1:43 we are told that as Jesus was preparing to leave Galilee, he found Philip and said to him, “Come. Follow me.” Eventually Philip and Nathaniel and Peter and Andrew and all the other disciples would accept Jesus’ call and would “follow.”

When God calls us, it is an invitation to becomes “followers” of Jesus.

When we respond to his call it means that we follow him; making him our Lord, our savior, our mentor, our guide, our teacher.

But the call of God does not stop here.

This call to “come and follow” carries with it an invitation “to become like Jesus.” We are called to a life of service.

Does God ever wake you up in the night? Do you sense this call in your heart right now? If so, listen to it and respond.

Responding to the call does not mean we have to be perfect or will always make the right choices.

In fact, at some point in our life we will fail; perhaps many times. Samuel did. So have I.

But the power of the Gospel is that Jesus does not give up on us. The same Jesus who conquered death has the power to forgive us and restore us for a better future.

When you hear his call, consider responding like Samuel – “Here I am! Your servant is listening.”

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