Lewis River Fellowship

All Are Welcome!

Our Church was first organized in 1951 and began service in downtown Woodland, WA. Many people today have had bad experiences with “Church” in the past. It may have been with a pastor or others in a congregation who, intentionally or not, pushed them away with a judgmental, closed-minded, inaccurate view of God and His restorative work in our lives. Regrettably, this bad experience could also be related to intentional abuse of many kinds that have left scars and are in varying stages of recovery and healing.

I believe the Church of the Nazarene has a great privilege to help bring these with this past history back into the family of God. I invite all who may have checked out on church to check us out at Lewis River Fellowship.
~Pastor Mike Morgan

What Do We Stand For?

Our Mission is to develop lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. Our Vision is to provide a fellowship that gathers, connects, grows and serves our community in the name of Christ. Our models for this vision are Life Groups. The method we use is to Love God and all of his children. Our congregation meets on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. We choose a Casual and family friendly style where we are seated around tables and not in rows of pews.

Our format for our worship follows this typical order:

  • Praise and Worship
  • Children’s time with the Pastor
  • Communion, which happens the first Sunday of each month
  • Fellowship time (snack food, beverages and greeting time)
  • Children are released to children ministry classes
    • Nursery
    • Toddler
    • Grade School
  • Sermon with Adults and older youth around tables
  • Small group discussions related to the sermon
  • Prayer for each other

What is Church?

Gather – We believe that church is people, not buildings. Weekly meetings for worship, fellowship, discussion, study, prayer is essential to a healthy church family. All are welcome.

Connect – We believe that Jesus modeled a shared life. We are a point of reference and connection with other people seeking God.

Grow – Jesus also modeled discipleship and spiritual formation. The life in Christ is both an individual and a companion journey. Through personal quiet time and group sharing, learning and prayer we grow into mature people of God.

Serve – God has done something for us. God has done something in us. God desires to do through us the work of serving others in the name of Christ.